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Regina Lifestyles Parties (Regina) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Regina, SK, Canada
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://reginalifestylesparties.com/

Regina Lifestyles PartiesRegina Lifestyles PartiesRegina Lifestyles PartiesRegina Lifestyles Parties

If you have ever wanted to explore any of these fantasies, then you are exploring what is called “THE LIFESTYLE” – a modern alternative outlook on sex and relationships for consenting adults that is not restricted by society’s views of what is “morally” acceptable. Those in the lifestyle find that it greatly enhances their relationships and personal well-being.

The Lifestyle is so much more than just about “swinging” and Regina Lifestyles Parties is the best way to meet other sexy people from all across Saskatchewan interested in having a wild time. Regina Lifestyles Parties is 100% real and 100% legal and is guaranteed to be the most fun you ever had with your clothes on – or off!!!

Who May Attend Regina Lifestyles Parties:

We restrict who may attend our events so we can provide a safe & comfortable atmosphere for Women & Couples to explore specific sexual fantasies such as  threesomes and couple swapping. 

Single women
 attending our events find themselves in ecstasy and free to explore their wildest fantasies – whether it’s with other bi-curious women or meeting fun couples. Straight women can also explore their fantasies
 choosing from the many sexy men who have partners that love to share 😉

New & curious couples: There are lots of couples attending our events who are new to the lifestyle and swinging in general. For these couples, a whole new world of eroticism opens up that only existed in their dreams. Many new couples are shy at first, but there are so many great people to chat with and the possibilities are endless

Experienced couples: There are also lots of couples attending who are quite experienced in the “lifestyle” – each with their own aspect to the lifestyle – some are into full partner swap or “swingers”. But there are many other aspects to the lifestyle – some are into FFM or MFM threesomes – some just like to watch their partner be pleasured by others – some only play together knowing other people are watching them and getting turned on – and some just like the erotic party atmosphere and end up finding a private room to release their pent up sexual energy

Only a Few Select Single Men Allowed – the lifestyle parties we host are focused on providing a fun safe environment for women & couples to explore fantasies & pleasure. Single men often create an intimidating environment that many people wish to avoid. As a result, Regina Lifestyles Parties will only allow a few select single men to attend to avoid the drama & conflict that is a regular occurrence at most night clubs. Single men will be required to complete a secondary screening process where they will be evaluated for respectfulness, personality, experience, and attractiveness. For some events, single men will not be allowed at all.

Age / Body Types: People from all aspects of life and many different ages / body types attend our parties.

If you register for an event, you will be asked about your age & body type and it will be part of what determines your suitability to attend.

  • Other than being over 19, there is no official age limit to our events. However, most people feel uncomfortable (or even creeped out) interacting sexually with those who look much older. As a guide, most of our attendees are in their 20s, 30s and 40s.
  • While sexiness is mostly a state of mind, having a clean & healthy appearance helps create sexual chemistry.  We can’t avoid growing older, but we can all try to keep our bodies fit and our general appearance enticing.

LGBT+ Community – Our focus is on providing a safe & comfortable environment for Women to explore their bisexuality.  Basically we are the “B” in LGBT. We respect & welcome all members of the LGBT+ community, however, the focus of our events is on women’s bisexuality.

Extreme BDSM / Kink not allowed – Many people regularly engage in light BDSM play in their bedrooms – such as blindfolding their partner or using restraints or spanking or a partner taking a bit more/less control during sex. Light BDSM play is welcome at our events, however many people are intimidated by more extreme forms of BDSM & Kink so we don’t allow it. If you are ever unsure as to what is acceptable, then all you need to do is ask.

What to Expect at Regina Lifestyles Parties:

Once you have purchased your tickets and have been approved, this is what you can expect when you arrive at the party. Its all about providing consenting adults with a fun safe environment to explore fantasies & pleasure.

  • If this is your first time attending a lifestyles party, you are quite likely nervous and unsure what to expect. Some people may think they will see a wild orgy when they arrive but that’s not at all reality. Instead, the first few hours of the evening are about socializing and flirting with other fun women & couples in a safe, easy-going environment.
  • When you arrive, you will be greeted by our sexy hostess who will ask for your first name and photo ID. The Hostess will have a printed copy of your Ticket and Conditions of Attendance ready for you to sign.
  • To ensure a safe and secure party environment, all guests will be given individually numbered wristbands which will be recorded on the Conditions of Attendance document that you sign.
  • The Hostess will be able to assist you with where to put your coat, footwear and drinks. There is storage available for any personal belongings you may bring. If you do need to bring your phone to the party, then it must be left in the storage area. Do not carry your phone with you as it will be confiscated.
  • You must bring your own drinks, which can be taken to the bar area where you can label your drinks so they don’t get mixed up with someone else’s. For our larger parties we hire a bartender to keep things organized and serve your drinks to you for tips. We do not sell alcohol otherwise we would be subject to Saskatchewan’s ridiculous liquor laws.
  • You are welcome to bring food to share. There is a huge assortment of food and snacks for everyone to enjoy during the evening.
  • Around 10PM, people will gather for exotic dance performances and other sexy activities that continues throughout the night.
  • The dancers performing appreciate your tips as well as your respect. They are available after their main performance for private lap dances for tips.
  • As always, there is never any pressure to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.
  • There is a designated social area where sexual activity does not occur. However, at several other play rooms, sexual activity is welcome.
  • Later in the evening, the fun erotic atmosphere continues to intensify. If you desire, you may join others for a pole dance
 After midnight, the erotic atmosphere reaches a climax
 you will see couples engaged in play such as oral sex and more. Again there is never any pressure to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. If you don’t want to experience that, you can choose to stay in the social area or leave at any time.


There are several ticket options, not all of which are available for every event:

  • Sociables!!! events are free
  • Single Women – $10 for hot tub parties – $19 for hotel events
  • MF Couples – $50 for hot tub parties – $69 for hotel events
  • Single Men – $99 for all events when allowed
  • Hotel rooms extra

After selecting your ticket option, you will need to fill out an online form with your basic info (name, email) and complete a few questions that will help us determine your suitability for attending. All information is kept completely confidential.

Then you will be asked to complete payment either through PayPal or by sending an Interac email transfer. Once full payment has been received, Regina Lifestyles Parties will review your registration. Single men must go through a secondary vetting process before being accepted. Additional follow-up questions may be asked via email to evaluate suitability for attending, and if accepted, will soon email you the following:

  • Your official e-ticket
  • Additional Party Details – Location & suggestions on what to bring
  • Conditions of Attendance
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 well defined areas for dancing, socializing, and 2 large play areas with plenty of sexy and intimate playrooms! We offer the hottest hedonistic

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  • A best place to start and continue your insanely active and at the same time safe sexual life. It’s a way better to start it online and prepare for meetings in real life than do it at the bar or at the night club. Even sex/swingers clubs can be a great discouragement if you visit them without preparation. BTW most swingers clubs and local sex groups have their pages at the place we talk about.
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